The one day capacity building workshop organized for Culture Journalists under the theme, Media and Cultural Orientation by the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), was a significant attempt at finding an interface through which the two institutions of Journalism and Culture can work together towards the socio-political development of the nation.

Nigeria, like much of the planet, has had a dramatic decade in terms of globalization. Politics and economics aside, indigenous Nigerian culture has been influenced--and in some cases altered--by Western style preferences and signifiers.

The Nigerian Army will on Thursday in the United States be presented with an Accreditation Certificate of the United Nations in recognition of its peacekeeping centre as a centre of excellence for training in Peace Support Operations.

Certainly, such a soul-searching equally applies to all patriotic Nigerians of uprightness to rise to the challenge of quitting the beaten track of institutionalised corruption as a way of life, and re-orientating the citizenry towards playing a meaningful role as responsible members of the global community.

The Alaafin of Oyo... has advocated closer cultural ties between Nigeria and China. The monarch opined that this would go a long way in bringing mutual benefits to the government and people of the two nations.

The United States and Nigeria on Tuesday signed an agreement, setting up a bi-national commission aimed at helping the west African state promote good governance and fight corruption. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the U.S.-Nigeria relationship "absolutely critical."

USC Center on Public Diplomacy Research Associate Gbemisola Olujobi sheds light on one of the pejorative images that has come to define Africa in the eyes of many around the world.

Corruption goes by many names in Africa -- "kola," "egunje," "maslaha," "kompo," "kitu-kidogo," "tikoko," "toshiyar-baki," "sweetener," etc. Everyone recognizes it as a gangrenous evil. Sometimes, however, the line between wrongdoing and the done thing tends to be...a little fuzzy.