To bring back the topic to cultural diplomacy, I think Syrian refugees would be doing themselves a great favor if they show more keenness to integrate and respect the culture of their new home countries. In addition, Arab countries could do more by expressing gratitude and support (be it verbal or material) to the righteous positions taken by the likes of Angela Merkel...​

Red Scarf

Refugees learn German via text messages.

Through the program, she met a Burmese cook and refugee named Zin Zin, and the two women teamed up to teach classes about nutrition and "the unique challenges of eating healthy in the U.S.," a new country where much of the food available is unfamiliar to refugees from Southeast Asia, Somalia and other strife-torn regions of the world. Funds through grants were extremely limited, though, so Toscano created Fooition as a way to raise money to help continue her mission.

Mohamed Al-Subeeh was a senior restorer at Syria's best-known mosaic museum, but as war swept deeper into his province, destroying artefacts and threatening his and his family's lives, he was forced to flee […] But when he heard about a project at some of Berlin's top museums that trains newcomers to become Arabic-language guides for fellow refugees, he leapt at the opportunity.

"This is Dange Nwe Radio, refugee-to-refugee segment, from 8am to 12 noon, broadcast in Kurmanji and Arabic," a female broadcaster announces in a southern Iraqi accent. [...] The new refugee radio program on Dange Nwe (New Voice) Radio is staffed exclusively by Syrian and Iraqi women displaced by the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and the war in Syria.

Pope Francis has responded to a moral crisis with a spectacular gesture that transcends all the niceties of correct procedure and inter-religious diplomacy. It has been announced that he and Patriarch Bartholomew, the Istanbul-based cleric who is “first among equals” in the eastern Orthodox church will visit the island of Lesbos, the epicentre of an international crisis triggered by an influx of refugees bent on reaching Europe. It seems this will happen on April 15th.

Somali refugee Mariam Ibrahim Yusuf campaigns for greater awareness of asylum seekers, despite being homeless and destitute herself. [...] In addition to her public speaking, Mariam is a member of Women Asylum Seekers Together (Wast), a group of women across nationalities that bands together to raise awareness about immigration injustice and the underreported problems that force women to seek asylum.