Social media does more than share information about Syrian refugees; it offers ways you can help them. Here are five ways that highlight how social media supported Syrian refugees in the past year.

Life on the Border', a documentary [...] presents a unique perspective of their life experiences in the midst of brutal attacks by the Islamic State. [...]  "Refugees" [...] captures the real-life drama of the migrants through virtual reality images of their predicament and the hardships they have had to face in the battle for survival.

When Rami Haki fled to Germany in early 2015, becoming an entrepreneur was the furthest thing from his mind […] he was also missing those foods that reminded him of home […] He decided to become Germany's first Syrian cheese-maker. […] When he told a Facebook group for Syrians in Germany about the cheese [...] "Many people wanted to order cheese," he says. "I didn't have enough for everyone."

In late 2015, “Stephen K.” of the United States created a petition asking that the Greek islanders who have been helping refugees receive the Nobel Peace Prize “for their contributions aiding the refugee crisis.” The Greek isles [...] have been key points in the perilous journeys of [...] refugees who entered Europe in 2015, and many local people have volunteered to help these travelers as they come ashore, in need.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday opened a major exhibition featuring works by Jewish concentration camp prisoners, as she pledged to combat a feared rise in anti-Semitism in Germany linked to a record influx of refugees. The show, "Art from the Holocaust", brings together 100 works [...] by 50 artists created in secret between 1939 and 1945 while they were confined to the camps or ghettos.

Immigrants from all parts of the world squat in tent camps around the city until authorities demolish them. Some count among the wave of asylum seekers who have poured into Europe over the past year. [...] Band picks over a section of La Rosée du Matin, or Morning Dew, the title track of Ziga’s new album about refugees.

A Congolese hip-hop artist exiled in a Malawian refugee camp is determined to fight xenophobia with his music.

Ai Wei Wei, the renowned Chinese artist who is currently visiting refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos […] has been sharing pictures and videos on his personal Instagram account, drawing attention to the plight of the thousands of refugees risking stormy waters to escape war and hardship.