sister cities

Nashville is fast becoming a city with an international dimension. As the city’s growth accelerates, it’s hard not to notice the cultural and international growth taking place here as a result. This cultural evolution has come as a welcome addition to the leaders and founding members of Sister Cities of Nashville, who have been working to exchange ideas and cultures with citizens of the world since 1991.

What was supposed to be a farewell tribute to a friend and collaborator of the government and people of Virginia Beach became a testament to the strength, dynamism and great promise of the Sister City relationship of Olongapo City and Virginia Beach.

For more than a dozen years, Highland Park residents Carol and Rick Wolfe have been practicing the kind of people-to-people diplomacy that former President Dwight Eisenhower had in mind when he launched the Sister City movement in the 1950s. [...] The foundation has won the 2015 Best Overall Program award in its size category from Sister Cities International. 

The public will have a chance to meet Russians from Waterville’s sister city, Kotlas, on Tuesday at Waterville Public Library as part of the 25th celebration of the relationship between the two cities. The reception will be held at 3:30 p.m.

How do some of the most successful, leading cities in the world solve their problems? They steal the solutions — from other cities.

Sister Cities International grew out of a White House conference on citizen diplomacy called by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.

Sweden on the Road

October 16, 2014

Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States, Björn Lyrvall, discusses the #Sweden on the Road campaign.

It was a big family reunion as more than 300 people from Chinese and US sister cities and sister provinces and states got together on Wednesday evening at the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. Participants came from all parts of the two nations, such as Qinghai province in Northwest China and Fort Worth, Texas, for the US-China Sister Cities Conference in Washington on March 26-28.