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Bolshoi Theater is playing the role of a “cultural ambassador” of Russia to the United States, promoting friendly relations between the two countries under the conditions of sanctions, Bolshoi’s Press Secretary Katerina Novikova told Sputnik.

The book covers topics such as attempts to woo Polish writers and intellectuals to the communist cause; efforts to place articles about the Soviet Union in Polish newspapers; the drive to import Soviet cultural products, including film, literature, and music, into Poland; exchanges between Soviet and Polish scientists, and Soviet reactions to Polish film, literature, and poetry. 

“Free To Rock,” screening in Gaston Hall this Tuesday at 7:30, reveals the subculture that took a stand against communism and its denial of freedom, a chance for those unfamiliar with Soviet cultural and political history to see behind the Iron Curtain and understand the power of rock ’n’ roll.

The prize was for Pasternak’s “notable achievement in both contemporary poetry and the field of the great Russian narrative tradition”. But officials singled out Dr Zhivago, an elegiac novel that refused to celebrate the Soviet system. [...] With Soviet cultural diplomacy in the doldrums, any further intervention by Nehru would have deeply embarrassed Moscow. 

Newly declassified segments from the diary of President Richard Nixon's chief-of-staff provide a detailed, subtle portrait of the disgraced president as H.R. Haldeman recounts both moments of high-stakes diplomacy and unscripted daily life that would never make a White House memo or official document.

Vladimir Putin at the 2011 Seliger National Youth Forum near Lake Seliger, Russia

The conclusion of Yelena Osipova's two-part analysis of Russian PD.

An RT billboard in London

Russia is finding its voice in the world of public diplomacy.