FC Barcelona defender Dani Alves sparked a global anti-racism protest by eating a banana that was thrown at him during Sunday's match at Villareal. Alves picked it up, peeled it, and then ate it before taking a corner kick. Barcelona forward Neymar later kicked off the global trend, tweeting an Instagram image of the incident using #SomosTodosMacacos ("We are all monkeys"). The hashtag has since been shared more than 64,000 times.

In his recent book, Franco Sells Spain to America: Hollywood, Tourism, and Public Relations as Postwar Spanish Soft Power, Neal M. Rosendorf examines the Franco dictatorship’s use of Hollywood movie productions in Spain, American tourism, and sophisticated public relations program.

More and more young Spaniards, forced to leave home by crippling unemployment, are attracted to London by the prospect of work and the chance to learn English — but often run into a fresh set of problems. While debate is raging in Britain about newcomers from eastern Europe, this group has arrived almost unnoticed.

Palestinian schoolchildren in the village of Kafr Sur in Tulkarem this week received footballs from Spanish giant FC Barcelona. The balls are apparently replacements for those lost over the separation fence between the West Bank and Israel over the years, the Guardian reported. A Spanish journalist, Anna Alba, who spoke about the “gift” said she hoped that it would encourage other teams to come to the area and support local athletes.

February 25, 2014

Feb.11: Little Spain makes a comeback in NYC, reports AlJazeera America

Spaniards like Garcia Lorca arrived fleeing the likes of Franco; now they’re fleeing the Spanish economy. When Jose Manuel “Manolo” Gomara arrived in New York City for the first time in 2010, he had been away from his home country of Spain for a year, working at a restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. But he wasn’t done with his travels, and the image of this metropolis, one he gleaned from watching television as a kid, had always loomed in his mind.

Tens of thousands of protesters in Spain’s Basque region defied Madrid on Saturday night by holding a mass demonstration marked by tensions over jailed members of the armed separatist group ETA. Crowds filled the streets in the northern city of Bilbao in a march for “human rights, understanding and peace,” after a judge banned another demonstration planned to demand concessions for the Basque prisoners.