We run a comprehensive mdia impact analysis of the positive benefits for South Africa for perfectly organizing the FIFA World Cup 2010. We also monitored in that study the extraordinary positive impact for the image of Spain as country champion of the competition.

But the crown prince and princess too are part of the soft power strategy of Spain. That was why they were in New York, part of a quiet tour of the U.S. northeast.... in the party in the Cervantes institute were a select audience susceptible to their brand of royalty: prominent leaders of the Hispanic community in the U.S., an audience well aware of their own historical links to Spain on various levels...

This American-Iberian joint venture brings together a United States phenomenon, the Huffington Post, and a Spanish media institution, El Pais, in an exciting new forum for grappling with the tough issues of the day and our aspirations for tomorrow.

Visiting top Chinese legislator Wu Bangguo and his Spanish counterpart called for more economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries on Thursday to boost bilateral ties. Wu, chairman of the National People's Congress, the country's top legislative body, said Spain, whose relations with China have sustained nearly four decades, is one of the China's best friends in the European Union.

The Embassy of Spain officially launched the Spanish club "Que Pas" at the University of Namibia, last week. Que Pas is an initiative of Spanish students at the university and aims to promote the Spanish language while promoting the exchange of cultural experiences, solidarity, good learning relationships and good bilateral ties between Spain and Namibia.

This much-trumpeted approach will group commercial and public diplomacy efforts and direct these towards emerging Asian economies and Latin American countries in an attempt to boost Spain’s profile and hopefully help economic recovery.

VaughanTown takes a new approach to a cultural exchange program which finally offers the chance to get to know Spain and its people without the language barrier. The program, based on one to one conversation sessions and group activities, runs for 6 days and 5 nights, from Sunday to Friday, almost all year round.

Through more aggressive public diplomacy elements such as listening, cultural and educational exchange, advocacy, and broadcasting, Spain is in a good position to foster understanding and goodwill with its Latin American counterparts.