The Government of Spain's Ministry of Culture - Casa Asia, the Cervantes Institute and the Spanish embassy in New Delhi joined hands to promote the Spanish 'cultural industries' in India through the third edition of “New Urban Cultures” programme.

Casa Arabe (Albeit Arabi). It is a public Spanish institution created by Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it is widely believed the importance of having good relation between Spain and Arab countries. We are working from Madrid to Gortoba. We focus on the tool of foreign affairs public diplomacy as the main means of access to Arab countries.

A version of Spain’s famous La Tomatina festival has arrived in the Indian capital city of New Delhi. The festival, which is celebrated every year at the end of August in Buñol, Spain, involves people throwing squashed tomatoes at each other. The tomato festival has however, led to a war of words on Facebook and Twitter between Tomatina enthusiasts and others who question the tastefulness of the event.

The University of Indonesia (UI) signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with universities in four European countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. University official Devie Rahmawati told Antara news agency that the deal was aimed at establishing cooperation on education, research, cultural diplomacy, lecturer and student exchanges as well as increasing foreign student exchange.

Named after the country's national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the center aims to promote the Philippine heritage across the world in the same way the France, Spain and Germany did with Alliance Francaise, Spain with Instituto Cervantes and Goethe-Institut respectively.

Germans are right to press for more cohesive European governance. It also might help Germany get along better with others. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse economy and preeminent political force, but lately it hasn’t won laurels for statecraft.

Rumor of a European vegetable conspiracy, the suggestion that the E. coli epidemic was deliberately engineered to hurt Spanish and/or other European farmers thereby boosting their own agricultural sector, is the direct result of the EU's distorted agricultural policy.

Spain is closer to the Arab world than any other European country, but it has no better response than the rest of the EU.