Nicholas Thomas is the director of Cambridge’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. He likens museums to regions and nations in which all sorts of disparate elements are brought together [...] The thrust of his ruminations on the nature of collections is that, like collections of people, the sum is greater than the parts because of the dialogues, conversations, connections and interactions between inanimate objects as well as people.

A book talk about memory, identity and the American experience, April 5, 2017. 

Comic Books, by Sam Howzit

The writer behind Marvel's first Muslim superhero talks inclusivity, diversity, and how she handles real-life issues like Islamophobia in the comics.

Media Mama

31 days of storytelling about women’s empowerment, climate change, social entrepreneurship, maternal health, education and food security for social good. 

Lego Interview

Collecting and sharing America's diversity in story form.

Discover the power of narrative in the first-ever PD professional training on storytelling.


A distribution platform encouraging outlets to select independent films.

Every January, as temperatures plummet, New York's Public Theater opens its doors to Under the Radar, a festival that features cutting-edge theater from around the world. [...] This year, Under the Radar is presenting work from Chile, Japan, France, Canada, Rwanda — and Brooklyn, N.Y. In a rehearsal studio in the borough's Park Slope neighborhood, a company called 600 HIGHWAYMEN is rehearsing its new show, Employee of the Year.