She lives in post-war Uganda and used her skills to create the necklace she’s wearing from recycled paper, a traditional jewelry art form in her country. The income she earns enables her to go to school for the first time at 27 years old, along with her children. As one of the designers of the 31 Bits team, she is reaching her once out-of-reach dreams.

Appearance is powerful and fashion cannot be ignored in international relations and public diplomacy, as it is a tool of communication.

We spend a lot of time looking at country rankings--everything from the best places in the world to be a woman to the worst countries for food security. These realities on the ground all feed into overall perception--or branding--of countries. If perception is favorable, that can translate into investments as well as commercial and economic development. And that, if done right, can lead to better lives for all citizens.

January 22, 2012

Both Jerusalem and Haifa will be sending delegations to an October 31 event in Assisi, Italy, which will celebrate the launch of a global network aimed at promoting environmentally- sustainable pilgrimages among the world’s major religious sites.

The website, which will be called, is intended to allow high-school students and other internet users to get involved in mapping the country’s vast biodiversity. Brazil’s Ministry of Science and Technology has reached an agreement with IBM to develop the website through the use of ‘citizen science’.

Secretary Clinton: Thank you. Good afternoon in this absolutely glorious fora with so many people who do the work every day that makes the World Bank such a respected institution. It is my pleasure to commemorate World Water Day with you.

PD Magazine announces the launch of the Winter 2011 issue: "Corporate Diplomacy". This unique publication examines a variety of factors that make the private sector an important source of innovation and collaboration within the public diplomacy process.