Beijing today lodged a formal protest with the U.S. because President-elect Donald Trump, bypassing established diplomatic channels, spoke to Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen yesterday by telephone. [...] “During the discussion, they noted the close economic, political, and security ties exists between Taiwan and the United States,” notes the readout of the Trump transition team of the historic conversation. 

A popular Taiwanese television drama, "The Way We Were (16 個夏天)," will be broadcast in Spanish in El Salvador, starting on Dec. 4, according to Taiwan's embassy in the Central American country. Airing the series abroad is part of the government's efforts to promote Taiwan's TV industry and introduce Taiwanese culture and people to foreign allies, said Florencia Hsieh (謝妙宏) while unveiling the series in San Salvador on Nov. 24.

DNA research suggests that Māori originated from Taiwan. This week Te Kāea reporter Talisa Kupenga embarks on an Asia New Zealand Foundation-sponsored cultural exchange to the Island nation some 180-kilometres East of China. The exchange aims to explore the indigenous links and the potential for greater economic ties between Taiwan and Aotearoa.

The 2016 Asia-Pacific Culture Day concluded Nov. 6 at Taipei Main Station, with 20 foreign missions from the region and representatives from seven local governments participating in Taiwan’s efforts to promote cultural exchanges, interactions and understanding between Taiwan and its diplomatic allies and partners throughout the region.

Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UNFCCC in Marrakech this year and beyond, therefore, is essential to that achievement of these goals. Climate change is an issue of global concern that cuts across national boundaries and narrow political considerations. No nation, including Taiwan, can do it alone. We are more than willing to contribute our full share to the challenge presented by environmental protection.

Stamps offer "a square inch of beauty" and the opportunity for each country to flaunt its cultural and soft power through rich images of its natural environment, historical heritage, folk art and political and economic achievements, Chen said. [...] Chen expressed hope that people will visit the section and learn more about Taiwan's unique historical, cultural and ecological landscapes through the stamp displays.

Italian architect and interior designer Francesco Librizzi and Taiwanese interior designer Timmy Chou were guest speakers in the "Design Excellence: Country Branding Through Design" discussion on efforts at building and managing a country's reputation through valuable products. Both discussed ways local values and national pride affect the design industry in their respective countries.