U.S. foreign policy

Mount St. Helens plume two years after the major eruption by Lyn Topinka, CVO Photo Archive Mount St. Helens, Washington Before, During, and After 18 May 1980, United States Geological Survey (Public Domain).

Franklin T. Burroughs compares U.S. foreign policy under the Trump and Biden administrations.

P.J. Crowley

GW Professor and former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs on his most recent book, Red Line.

Despite Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the US is not in decline. Because of immigration, it is the only major developed country that will not suffer a demographic decline by mid-century; its dependence on energy imports is diminishing rather than rising; it is at the forefront of the major technologies (bio, nano, information) that will shape this century; and its universities dominate the world league tables.