More recently, with the resurgence of China as a global power, Vietnam has been subject to a Chinese “charm offensive,” as the country seeks to spread its soft power. Since the early 1990s, Vietnam has been engulfed in a Chinese “cultural tsunami” brought about by the overwhelming success of Chinese historical television series, music, movies and kung-fu novels.

Vietnam did a great job in 2011 to promote its land and people. Various activities were held on the theme of building a shared awareness of cultural integration and combining cultural diplomacy with political and economic diplomacy. In 2012 the country will continue to use diplomacy to foster its culture.

The event "is in itself an excellent example of important public diplomacy exchanges in the EU-Vietnam relation,” said Mr. Franz Jessen, ambassador – head of the Delegation of the European Union in Vietnam.

The relevant Chinese government departments should think about how to deal with overseas publicity and public diplomacy in Vietnam: winning hearts and minds, especially of the post-Vietnam-War generation, who have a much more favorable impression of the U.S., than of China.

Beijing's strategic plan to dominate Vietnam, the intellectuals assert, is already well-advanced, to the point that the economy is virtually under Chinese control and Chinese ‘soft power' has corrupted the nation's political life.

July 1, 2011

The story highlights the undaunted spirit of the Japanese people, who always try to overcome difficult situations instead of blaming fate and others, as can be seen in the aftermath of the recent natural disasters in Japan.

Southern California has the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam, concentrated primarily in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties; so it’s a natural partner with this burgeoning Southeast Asian country in a number of areas. Why not start with traffic?