Zimbabwe is crafting a national diaspora website, aimed at facilitating the engagement and participation of citizens living out of the country in national development, the Ministry of Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion has said. In a statement, the ministry said the website was part of operationalising the diaspora policy.

Iraq pre war protest 08

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The ABC has partnered with a Chinese media company to open a web portal for Australian content in that country, becoming the first mainstream media organisation to launch a registered web portal in China. The managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott, and its chairman, Jim Spigelman, opened the portal in China on Wednesday and were congratulated by Tony Abbottfor strengthening Australia’s ties with China.

The Prime Minister’s Office has recently issued a tender for setting up a new Internet site for “government news.” Observers and officials said the new site is intended mainly for public diplomacy and marketing. Sources familiar with the details said the site will have “considerable power to serve for PR purposes.”

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...a wide adoption of .ng by Nigerians shall constitute a good tool in the effort to project the good people of Nigeria and the nation, noting that, “The ‘bad image’ war will be won on local and international fronts when institutions of government; credible, real and legal persons and entities in Nigeria, adopt the use of the .ng, not just from a consumerism perspective, but by generating Nigerian content on the Internet.”

As the Korean wave sweeps over Asia and the rest of the world, there is a growing audience for all things Korean. There are already dozens of K-pop sites, allkpop has 75 million views a month, but koreaBANG has a harder news edge.

December 27, 2011

While Twitter and Facebook gave rise to the Arab Spring, websites like "Egypt Votes" offered valuable opportunities for open communication by ordinary citizens with untold millions of Egyptians, worldwide, holding the greatest promise for ushering the Middle East to a period of true and lasting democracy.