We arrived yesterday, and the city seems very, very peaceful," said Japanese delegate Yoshiki Oi, who attends the University of Tokyo. "We are going to big cities, but this allows us to have a good perspective of America. If all we saw were the big cities, we would not learn about all of America.

In short, they are hanging out, much like many teenagers around the world. That may not be listed on the Franklin Institute’s formal agenda, but these moments may well be the most memorable and enduring part of their exchange program.

A number of youth groups from Taiwan are traveling to Central America during their summer vacation to increase cultural understanding between the two sides. A foreign ministry official, Abel Lin, spoke about the purpose of the trips on Thursday.

While governments can do important work to promote peace, tolerance and understanding can come only from people, and not government bureaucracies, Under Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Judith McHale told South Asian Seeds of Peace participants at the State Department.

Green T-shirts flooded the State Department on Wednesday during an event that celebrated the graduation of teenage “Peace Ambassadors” from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan from a programme aimed at promoting cross-border understanding in the leaders of the future.

The Turkish and Armenian Youth Orchestra is gathering for peace in Turkey. A total of 70 people will come together for three concerts. This is not diplomacy or football, it’s young people meeting in an international environment based in music, says the orchestra’s conductor, Nvart Andreasyan.

Great Britain, France and Germany are the most active in promoting their cultural relations with Georgia, according to The Financial’s study. British Council, Goethe-Institute Georgia and A. Dumas Centre conducted the majority of cultural awareness events since 2008. Germany generally spends the most.

This week the United States will welcome South Asian teenagers to the State Departments under the “Seeds of Peace” programme... Founded in 1993 by journalist John Wallach, Seeds of Peace describes itself as being dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict...