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Cari Guittard's advice for how both state and non-state actors can connect with the public under the current president.

Cari Guittard on why the U.S. should engage the soft power strengths of mothers around the world. 

A security checklist for business travellers from Cari Guittard.

Reframing the globe through a new lens

Cari Guittard shares her approach for global engagement.

Contextual intelligence

Cari Guittard offers a blueprint for increasing your "contextual intelligence."

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We need an army of corporate diplomats, from multiple sectors, engaged in strategic corporate diplomacy efforts to shore up America’s soft power reserves.

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Is anyone better positioned to ‘inform and influence’ international audiences today?

By: Cari E. Guittard, MPA & Renee Lee, MPD 2011