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The Olympic Charter says that, “The honor and responsibility of hosting the Olympic Games are entrusted by the IOC to a city.” In 2012 that honor and that responsibility were borne in a manner most worthy by the City of London. Still, the far away state of California played a large and quite visible role in the 2012 Games and the Movement that sponsors them.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi highlighted some of India’s best and worst traits and revealed the sad truth that the country may not yet be poised for superpower stature.  Due to a number of rough-ups before the Commonwealth Games began on October 3, India must now choose whether to learn from its mistakes or gloss over them over like they never happened.  Be that as it may, in order to stay a player in the race against China, Brazil, and South Africa, it is advised that India p

Along with fellow BRICS nations China, India, Russia, and South Africa Brazil is regarded as one the world’s five most powerful emerging economies. A recent poll says it is the most admired of this group.

The revolution pandemic in the Middle East has simultaneously caused unity and division among different groups

The great anticipation surrounding President Barack Obama‘s long overdue visit to Indonesia on November 9-10 ensured that it would be one of the most watched stops on his recent Asian tour. After domestic political issues in the U.S.

CPD Question: Film plays a vital role in the formation of public opinion and can be a vehicle for soft power for various nations. Considering film’s global importance, what responsibility do you think the film industry has as a contributor to cultural diplomacy?*

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At the end of November 2010, the world did a diplomatic double-take when WikiLeaks, a not-for-profit media organization released confidential U.S. diplomatic cables.

CPD Question: From your perspective, in what direction do you envision the future of public diplomacy heading over the next 5 years?

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