LA's Global Stories

Principal Investigator:
Jay Wang

As geopolitics and economies shift toward the Pacific Rim, Los Angeles is ideally situated to play a key role in addressing common regional and global challenges.To better understand what LA's growing profile on the world stage means for its public diplomacy, as part of our City Diplomacy initiative, CPD will explore the various international facets of LA's citizens and government through special features, events and multimedia content.


LA's Global Stories: Religion in Los Angeles

VIDEO: Varun Soni, USC Dean of Religious Life, discuss LA's diaspora as an incubator of global religion and a driving force for the city's growing relevance on the world stage.




LA Confidential: Discovering the DNA of a Global City

In October 2017, CPD featured a panel of USC experts exploring the narratives, urban landscapes and practices that make LA a truly global city.




Q&A With CPD: Eric Garcetti

CPD's exclusive interview with the internationally minded Los Angeles Mayor examines the rise of global cities.



Los Angeles: Our City, a Global City

CPD-MOIA Summer Associate Daniel Toomey recounts his internship experience at the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of International Affairs.