Combating Boko Haram

In this August 10 video from C-Span, Margot Shorey, a U.S. State Department expert on Boko Haram, and Leo Keyen, a Voice of America journalist, discuss U.S.-led strategies to combat the Islamist terrorist organization operating out of West Africa. The panel covered Boko Haram’s history in West Africa, the “underlying grievances driving Boko Haram,” as well as U.S. and Nigerian interagency partnerships to defeat the militant group. This event, which was moderated by CPD University Fellow Adam Clayton Powell III, was sponsored by the Public Diplomacy Council and the USC Center on Communication Leadership & Policy in association with the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. Support was also provided by the American Foreign Service Association.

The video is available here.

Photo courtesy of AK Rockefeller via Flickr Creative Commons


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