Introducing the CPD e-Book on China

CPD is pleased to announce that “Rising Soft Powers: China,” the second title in our e-book series, is now available. This book features exclusive content original to CPD, including essays, blogs and interviews by leading public diplomacy scholars and practitioners.

It is no question that China is a major global power, but how is the nation harnessing public diplomacy initiatives to become a leader in soft power? As part of our “Rising Soft Power in Emerging Markets” initiative, this e-book seeks to provide a deeper understanding of Chinese public diplomacy trends and soft power practices.

Highlights from this curated collection of resources include a behind-the-scenes look at the Confucius Institute program, featuring an essay by scholar Jennifer Hubbert and an interview with Confucius Institute Director-General Xu Lin; an analysis of U.S.-China military-to-military exchanges by scholars Thomas Hollihan and Zhan Zhang; reflections on China’s soft power assets including “Panda diplomacy’ and the internationally renowned Beijing Film Festival; and a photo gallery from the Shanghai World Expo. The popularity of Jon Stewart and the role of China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan in U.S.-China relations are also explored.

“Rising Soft Powers: China” is available for free download on CPD’s website. Please click here to download the e-book for iPad and Nook (.epub) and Kindle (.mobi).

Photo courtesy of Paul [sic], via Flickr Creative Commons.


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