Introducing the CPD e-Book on India

CPD is pleased to announce the release of “Rising Soft Powers: India,” the first title in our new e-book series. The e-book features a curated collection of research articles, essays, blogs and interviews originally published by CPD.  Please click here to download the e-book for iPad and Nook (.epub) and Kindle (.mobi).

This collection offers you a comprehensive reference on India’s soft power in action. Topics range from India’s cultural diplomacy and gastrodiplomacy, to the domestic dimension of public diplomacy and the historical role of public diplomacy in U.S.-India relations. Highlights include CPD's exclusive interview with the Indian diplomat and best-selling author Vikas Swarup, whose book was adapted into the film Slumdog Millionaire; an essay on the concept of soft power by the renowned international communications scholar Daya Thussu; a behind-the-scenes look at the "Incredible India" campaign by Leena Nandan, former joint secretary of the Ministry of Tourism; and reflections on India's public diplomacy by two former joint secretaries for public diplomacy, Riva Das and Navdeep Suri.

“Rising Soft Powers: India” is now available for free download on CPD’s website.

Photo by John Haslam | CC By 2.0


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