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September Blog Roundup: The Top 5

Leaf through this month's top blogs.

5) Time on Their Side, by Mark Dillen - How Russia is relying on Soviet-style tactics of denial and censorship in dealing with negative press.

4) Tokyo 2020 and Japan's Soft Power, by Yukari Easton - As the Japanese government prepares for the 2020 Olympics, it should recognize that the country's soft power is strongest without state intervention.

3) Measuring Country Image: A New Model, by Alexander Buhmann - Proposing the 4-D Model of Country Image as the definitive measure for public diplomacy evaluation.

2) Citizen Diplomacy: An Emerging Soft Power Tool, by Michele Johnsen - The Short+Sweet International Theatre Festival captures the potential of citizen diplomacy.

1) Cultural Relations: Moderating A Volatile World, by Jay Wang - Thinking about cultural diplomacy in the wake of the 2016 Edinburgh Culture Summit.

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