Syrian refugee children at a half-built apartment block near Reyfoun in Lebanon, close to the border with Syria, give the peace sign. The families fled Syria due to the war and are now living on a building site. (Photo: Eoghan Rice)

ShareTheMeal: Solving Global Hunger

ShareTheMeal is an app launched by the United Nations World Food Programme to solve global hunger. Originally in English and German, the platform allows users to donate money that the organization provides to children in need as meals. Previous initiatives have fed schoolchildren in Lesotho, child refugees in Jordan, and breastfeeding and expectant mothers in Syria. To mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, an Arabic version of this tool was released alongside a new campaign to feed 1,400 Syrian refugee children in Beirut for a full year. 

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Photo by Trocaire | CC BY 2.0 


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