The Soft Power of the Silver Screen

In light of the 2018 Oscars this past Sunday, we'd like to explore cinema from another part of the world: China.

China's own movie scene is growing rapidly, and according to Elizabeth Jackson, host of the Correspondents Report podcast, its box office will surpass that of Hollywood in the coming years.

One of the more recent episodes of this podcast, "Patriotic Fervour and Soft Power: China's Home-Grown Cinema," looks at the dual aim of Chinese films. According to Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) China Correspondent Bill Birtles, "China's government wants to spread soft power globally through film. But in the home market, the focus is on promoting the communist party's core values as much as entertainment."

The full episode can be found on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) website.

Photo by M S CC BY-SA 2.0


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