What's "In the Works" for Corneliu Bjola? 

Corneliu Bjola is an associate professor in diplomatic studies at the University of Oxford. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 2007 and was a research fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2000), in addition to a visiting fellow at the Australian Defense Force Academy (2012) and China Foreign Affairs University (2016). Bjola's research interests lie at the intersection of diplomatic studies, negotiation theory, international ethics, and crisis management. His current research focuses on the structural and normative conditions by which digital technologies inform, regulate, and constrain foreign policy. 

He has authored or edited five books, including the recent co-edited volumes on Secret Diplomacy: Concepts, Contexts and Cases (Routledge, 2015 with S. Murray) and Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2015 with M. Holmes). His work has been published in the European Journal of International RelationsGlobal AffairsInternational Negotiation, Review of International StudiesBritish Journal of Politics and International RelationsGlobal Policy, Journal of Global Ethics and The Hague Journal of Diplomacy. Bjola is co-editor of the book series on New Diplomatic Studies with Routledge and editor-in-chief of the new journal Diplomacy and Foreign Policy with Brill. He also blogs periodically on his website ww.cbjola.com and for the CPD blog here.

Here is what Bjola currently has "In the Works":

  • The second edition of the co-authored textbook on Understanding International Diplomacy: Theory, Practice and Ethics is to be published with Routledge by 2018. A Chinese translation of the first edition is also scheduled to be published by Peking University Press by 2018.
  •  Bjola has recently edited a special forum on Digital Diplomacy: The State of the Art with Global Affairs in 2016 and plans to coordinate a second forum on Brexit and Diplomacy in 2017. A segment of this forum will focus on the digital dimension of Brexit negotiations and the growing role of digital platforms in projecting positions, shaping impressions and framing the political discourse online.
  • Drawing on a large set of codes of practices developed by MFAs around the world to govern the use of social media in diplomatic communication, Bjola is currently finalizing a paper on the Ethics of Digital Diplomacy, which offers a detailed overview of the best practices and policies of ethical engagement in digital diplomacy.
  • Building on their co-authored article on Digital Containment: Revisiting Containment Strategy in the Digital Age, Bjola and James Pamment are collaborating on a new edited volume on Managing Societal Threats in the Digital Age: The Case of Propaganda and Violent Extremism.  The project aims to explore the disruptive effect that the weaponization of digital technologies increasingly exerts on Western societies and to develop reliable policy recommendations about how these threats could be better anticipated, managed and defused.
  • A second research project focuses on digital diaspora diplomacy and examines how digital technologies are being used to mediate relations between diaspora communities and Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
  • Following the establishment of the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group in 2016, Bjola is working with two of his doctoral students, Ilan Manor and Jennifer Cassidy, on organizing a number of workshops and public talks on digital diplomacy, including on the role of Images and Online Narratives of International Relations (Oxford, Jan  2017), Digital Diplomacy and Social Network Analysis (Cardiff, June 2017), the Doctoral Conference on Digital & Public Diplomacy with the USC Center on Public Diplomacy (Oxford, June 2017) as well as the London and Geneva Digital Diplomacy lecture series.


About this series:

"In the Works" is CPD's periodic roundup of news from the international PD scholarly community. If you've taken up a new academic position, published a new work or recently embarked on a research project on a public diplomacy topic, let us know! All updates can be sent to cpd@usc.edu. Please be sure to use "In the Works" in the subject heading.


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