"The spread of Korean popular culture is exceptional as it was not founded upon the traditional factors of military and economic dominance that characterized that of Western imperial powers, or the diaspora networks of India and China," said Liew, who has been tracking South Korean popular culture for almost a decade.

In parallel, sport is simultaneously being used to boost participation in sport amongst the population, improve health and lifestyles, promote social cohesion, enable the generation of country branding opportunities, and provide the basis for international networking and political influence.

NATO is not a military organization, NATO is a civil organisation. The volume and dynamics of relations between Azerbaijan and NATO deserve a positive assessment, especially for its civil emergency planning, public diplomacy, mine clearance within the Trust Fund, which has successfully cleared mines over an area of 44 million square meters in Azerbaijan.

For me, in the flood of news a headline bears special importance for Northeast Asia security. The guideline reiterated by President Hu Jintao about boosting the "cultural soft power" of China recognizes that "culture has increasingly become a major element bringing together the people and the creative power of Chinese nationality".

Pentagon officials talk about “demilitarizing” US foreign policy, which one can understand after the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the conventional wisdom now puts too much weight on “soft” power. We should not overestimate how much the world loves us because of our virtues, nor underestimate how much our influence still depends on hard power and our ability to provide protection in a pinch.

After a six-month study into water diplomacy in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Water Governance Centre, the Clingendael Diplomatic Studies Programme presents a final report with policy recommendations. The report examines the potential of water diplomacy for Dutch foreign policy and how involved actors can increase this potential. The focus is on water diplomacy, as seen from the Netherlands, in terms of niche diplomacy on transboundary water conflict prevention.