South Korea, one of the strong trading partners of Qatar, is seeking enhanced cultural exchange with Doha as part of its foreign policy to better understand the region and its ethos.
As part of helping youths to grow as global citizens, six middle school students from the Asian country are now on a week-long visit to Qatar...

It is therefore important that the debate on how diplomatic missions can facilitate trade relations between Kenya and their host countries considers several other factors, including capacity-building at the ministry level and the ability of Kenyan suppliers to deliver goods on time.

The ABC's chief, Mark Scott, has risked scuttling the broadcaster's bid for Australia's $223 million overseas television service...Australia Network is broadcast in Asia and the Pacific region, targeting a middle-class audience in 44 countries as part of an effort to promote Australia.

The Shanghai Expo's China Pavilion expects crowds to teem through its doors when it reopens on July 12 in the sweltering summer heat. The pavilion will be open to public for three months till Oct 9, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, told this water summit’s attendees that “water is a strategic necessity for Singapore” and so the country had “mobilized our machinery” in a holistic approach that includes investing in new technology and educating the public about water conservation.

The U.S. Corp. for Travel Promotion, which bills itself as a partnership between the public and private sectors with the mission of promoting increased international travel to the U.S., is on the hunt for a global agency to help boost tourism to the country.

With a potentially contentious Russian presidential election looming in 2012, we at RealClearWorld thought it would be useful to examine just where Russia's leadership is most prized, and respected. Using Gallup data, we set out to find the Top 5 Most Pro-Russian Countries.

Tens of millions of Koreans across the world rejoiced as the International Olympic Committee announced PyeongChang as the host of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, a dramatic triumph of the country’s sports diplomacy preceded by two painful failures.