China's strength lies in its deep pockets, which are said to have helped it swing deals in its favor. India's advantage lies in public goodwill and Delhi hopes that this and its soft power strategy will help it build sustainable partnerships in Africa.

In the last two decades, Canadian investors have been taking advantage of the dramatic changes in Latin America. This existing relationship emerged at a conference which drew leading actors in the Canada-Latin America relationship from academia, business, government, civil society and NGOs.

More Hollywood films are opening outside the United States, a reflection of the growing importance of the international market to the world’s major studios. A new film trade event, ScreenSingapore, is designed to capitalize on the trend by offering the studios a springboard to Asian filmgoers.

Sun Tzu’s dictum ‘Know your enemy’ has great significance for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century. Whether it is the maintenance of politico-economic relationships or offensive-defensive military operations...

“We have been doing well on the development front,” the official, Zhao Qizheng, former head of the State Council Information Office, was quoted by China Daily as saying. “Now we need to talk better, to make our messages clearer to the world.”

Synthetic ivy and orange blossoms climb walls adorned with paintings of stirring Korean landscapes, silk flowers fill the vases and the karaoke machine is pumping out the hits as the dinner crowd fills Pyongyang, an incongruous outpost of North Korean culture and cuisine in the capital's teeming streets.

April 6, 2011

The festival, featuring nine bands from across the globe, is the maiden inroad of the Indian Centre for Cultural Relations (ICCR) into jazz as a tool of cultural contact spanning Asia, North America and Europe and linking them to jazz lovers here, ICCR director general Suresh Goel told IANS.

The Korea Furniture Museum, which hosted luncheon for spouses of G20 leaders during the G20 Seoul Summit in November, launched an academic program on Tuesday for spouses of foreign ambassadors to Korea and expat CEOs to help them discover traditional Korean heritage.