“Taiwan’s pop music represents an important aspect of the country’s soft power, with cultural flair and business potential, and has taken the lion’s share of the Chinese-speaking market,” GIO Minister Philip Yang said at a news conference. “The tours will take the beautiful and diverse sounds of Taiwan to our neighbors,” he said.

July 1, 2011
June 24, 2011

He is also ambassador for the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts and for the child-centered NGO Plan International. He will soon be formally presented as ambassador of goodwill of the UN Population Fund to help in the AIDS and HIV information dissemination.

Undersecretary Rafael Seguis...said that DFA could not afford to ignore or belittle the role of the media in times of disasters or emergencies.Seguis said that the media are also a vital partner in public diplomacy thru the use of networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or other sites.

Dev Patel, the Hollywood star, is to front a £100m advertising campaign promoting Britain to young, Asian tourists ahead of the Queen's diamond jubilee. Actor Rupert Everett and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also appear in the adverts. Designed to lure more overseas tourists to the UK, the adverts are being complemented by short films from each celebrity, shot in a location of their choice.

By now it's no secret to anyone with a high-speed Internet connection: The gap between the popularity of contemporary Japanese culture overseas and its anemic industries at home has become a chasm. Anime conventions in the United States continue to proliferate..

June 8, 2011

In some ways, Chinese public diplomacy surrounding its ‘peaceful and harmonious’ rise is similar to this fairy tale [Emperor's New Clothes]... South China Sea being the most explicit example. Vietnam and the Philippines have both accused China within the past few weeks of aggressive behaviour that violates their interests...

The Thai government has been educating diners about its country's cuisine for years. In fact, an initiative called Global Thai was launched in 2002 to encourage an appreciation for Thai cuisine around the world.