As the foreign policies of regional powers are geared toward the formation of regional culture and values, which make up the template of Asian political architecture, the soft-power contest in Asia begins. What are we going to sell?

Japan beat Denmark today, though it was unlikely that many Asians rooted for the Asian team in the match. Regional loyalties in Asia are threadbare, say academics, which means there is little 'Asian identity.'

Since international influence played a vital role in bringing about democracy in Thailand in 1992, inevitably it is interesting to know, what exactly are the ASEAN, US, UN and EU responses to the recent Thai crisis?

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for his visit to Asia in June -- one of three potential roundtrips to the region this year -- it is worth exploring what Washington's future policy options are with respect to Asian regionalism.

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott gave important speeches this week about Australia's engagement with Asia. They were talking to a national forum sponsored by Asialink of Melbourne University, the best single body promoting connections between Australia and Asia.

Three new radio programs, Daybreak Asia, Crossroads Asia, and Middle East Monitor, focus on key developments in each region... Another program, International Edition, provides lively, fast-paced world news coverage, and American Café brings you stories about life in the United States.

Nearly 90 delegates from 20 countries have recently gathered in the northern province of Quang Ninh for an ASEM workshop on enhancing Asia-Europe cultural ties. The meeting was organised by the Vietnamese Government and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), with support from Italy and Hungary.