SBS’s deal with the European Broadcasting Union to develop a Eurovision Song Contest equivalent in Asia is a welcome chance for Australia to develop stronger ties with the Asia-Pacific region. The development of an Asian Eurovision - an “Asiavision”, we might call it - is an exciting project for regional unity.

Netball Australia is proud to be a key partner in the Australian Government’s $1.4 million Asian Sports Partnership (ASP) program [...]. Under the program, [...] One Netball Asia which will work with countries within the Asian Netball Federation to increase participation levels among women and girls in netball and contribute to health and leadership outcomes. 

Australia, which has accepted thousands of migrants from Afghanistan in recent years, [plans] to use a movie to persuade others from seeking refuge. Australia’s Immigration Department has commissioned a television movie that shows the hardships of Afghans attempting to reach Australia. The film aims to deter potential migrants by showing them difficulties they may experience during the journey.

In some respects the editorial direction of China’s international media reporting can be seen as an extension of the nation’s diplomacy. While the first principal of diplomacy is that it is the pursuit of national interests, one of the foundations of successfully diplomacy is promoting common interests. 

Diplomacy may be an expensive business but the $400,000 cost racked up by the Australian government for foreign diplomats to cuddle koalas and other marsupials is too hefty, the opposition has said.“International diplomacy has a role and soft power is very important, but you’ve to get the balance right. Sometimes this government goes over the top because they don’t care about the money.” 

Initially screened once a week, the show quickly captivated mainstream Australian viewers as well as Chinese-speaking migrants, so that now, due to popular demand, it is screened three times a week. SBS’s online promotion for the show says, ‘With a viewing audience of up to 50 million per episode, this popular Chinese dating show is a cultural phenomenon’.

Australia’s noted ultra-marathon athlete and former politician Pat Farmer (53) will reach the city next week and run for 40 km here. [...] Dubbed as ‘public-diplomacy initiative’ to promote India-Australia relations, the event was started on January 26, when India celebrates Republic Day and Australia its National Day. 

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