bill clinton

September 1, 2015

Reprinted from the CPD Blog by Sohaela Amiri (Oct 7, 2014)

An Irish couple celebrate Bloomsday in Dublin.

Just after Bloomsday, a celebration of Ireland's public diplomacy.

Thousands of Singaporeans braved torrential rains on Sunday for a final farewell to the country’s founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, whose funeral drew a long list of leaders and dignitaries from across the globe.

Now a collection of unlikely diplomatic tools – more than 200 of Albright’s pins and brooches – is on display at the Truman Library in Independence. “Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection” is on display through Feb. 22.

Graffiti on the U.S. embassy in Tehran

Sohaela Amiri reviews the two nations' troubled history and offers some hope for the future.

As John Kerry’s bid to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace approaches its moment of truth, you can sense the desperation among liberal Zionists. “Kerry’s mission is the last train to a negotiated two-state solution,” declared Thomas Friedman in January.

In 1994, rumors circulated that President Bill Clinton would nominate James Hormel, the openly gay American philanthropist, to the post of U.S. ambassador to Fiji. While the reason Hormel was not nominated was never clear, some argued that the White House did not pursue his nomination because the Fijian Penal Code criminalized homosexuality at the time.