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The CNN effect was touted through the 1990s, but today's media-conflict relationship is a bit more complex.

Academy Award Winner, by Davidlohr Bueso

Foreign audiences are more important than ever for why are we still seeing all-white casts?

Xavier University of Louisiana students with visiting Pakistani journalists during their visit to New Orleans in January 2016.

The media's potential for empowering marginalized communities through public diplomacy.

Blue Mosque

Senem Cevik offers Turkey a little PR advice.

A roundup of articles discussing the fate of Voice of America

On Super Bowl Sunday, the US might as well be on a different planet. American football’s annual crescendo is typically the country’s most watched TV show of the year, usually by a considerable margin. Last year’s edition was, by some measures, the third most viewed show in American broadcast history. But on the global stage, it’s a very different story.