The “American brand” features the United States as an incubator of creative goods and services, and of entrepreneurial companies, many of which spread their best practices through their products, trade partnerships and investments around the world.

June 27, 2012

Against others in their income group, the most overperforming non-high income countries are Vietnam, India, China and South Africa". India is expected to occupy sixth position among the top 10 wealth markets in 2012, according to 2012 Global Wealth Market Report by Datamonitor.

A so-called brand ranking of countries, which was held recently by the UK Brand Finance company, shows that Russia, among other BRICS countries, is still very popular with foreign businesspeople as an object for investments.

Miller Matola, CEO of Brand South Africa, says since 1994, South Africa has continued to exceed expectations in keeping its regulatory and financial environments sustainable and on par with the rest of the world.

The leaders at the "Committee of 100" conference are imploring lawmakers, policymakers and even media moguls to help strengthen U.S.-China relations. They're pushing for more public diplomacy, more education — and more cooperation between the leaders of both countries.

America’s image abroad remains strong, retaining its post-Bush worldwide increase in 2009. But in new survey data released here this morning by Gallup, the U.S. has lost significant support in the past year in Africa and Latin America.

In recent months, Uzbek leaders have intensified a campaign to contain Turkish economic and cultural influences in Uzbekistan. The most prominent component of this crackdown has been the arrest of 54 Turkish entrepreneurs over the past two years and the closure of at least 50 Turkish-operated businesses.

This government has no feeling for 'soft power,' " Kinsman says, "because it still has little feeling for the world landscape except from the standpoint of Canadian business interests.