...Singapore is also investing in the soft power of maritime supremacy as much as the hard power of metal boxes. The city is becoming a centre of maritime architecture and green maritime technology to complement its lead in terms of the legal and financial aspects of maritime technology.

Initiated by the International Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa... the summits aim to increase provincial participation in the nation-branding effort and encourage active citizenship – which, in turn, will help position the country as a top investment and tourism destination.

"..industry should focus on promoting independent innovation and core competence to grapple with increasingly stiff challenges," Zhang said. He further suggested that sectors such as the auto industry...should enhance soft power to build brand names and compete in the overseas market.

‘Palestinians seek to boost their image’ describes the Palestinian Development and Investment ‘one of several Palestinian business [...] determined to nudge global opinion in a different direction’...Buck reports that a new organisation, the Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy...

Palestinian business leaders are looking to develop a ‘country brand’ for Palestine, which it will use for global promotion.Campaigns are set to be launched in the US and Israel before the end of the year, after an audit in these countries of the public perception of Palestine...

In its quest for resources and business opportunities, China needs to have influence in many countries. Increasingly, Beijing uses a sophisticated charm offensive, presenting an image of a modern and dynamic China — a strategy often called "soft power."

Economic Diplomacy requires application of technical expertise that analyzes the effects of a country’s economic situation on its political climate and economic interests. The foreign business leaders as well as government decision-makers work together on some of the most cutting edge issues in foreign policy... as well as in the more traditional areas of trade and finance.

“Barbie is an American cultural icon,” said Li Guangdou, a brand analyst in Shanghai. “It is more than a toy. It is also promoting a kind of American culture. Youthfulness, confidence, independence and sex are the selling points of Barbie. But Oriental culture emphasizes more of introversion and introspection.”