"South Africa: Inspiring New Ways", the new slogan for championing the country locally and internationally, has been approved by the country's Cabinet following extensive development and consultation by Brand South Africa.

The IT industry has taken to the global stage India's ‘soft power' and made India as a knowledge power. “Indians are looked upon by global companies for leadership. You have kindled among millions of young Indians the power of using knowledge as a passport to the future...."

The prestigious ACE recognizes the important role of U.S. businesses in advancing good corporate governance and democratic principles worldwide. The award honors exemplary business practices, corporate social responsibility, and innovation in a company’s overseas operations.

In a survey expected to be released next week by London-based consulting firm Brand Finance, Canada gets high marks for the value and equity of its “brand.” And during tough economic times, stability has been a cornerstone of our success.

October 30, 2011

The documentary is a smart and savvy approach to hasbara (public diplomacy) because it does no persuading, arguing or advocacy whatsoever. Politics could not be further from this film.

Rapid development and industrialization have forced the movement of populations into cities... For others, the transition offers new opportunities for business, education and eventual quality of life improvements. In India, this transformation is increasingly apparent

Working to strengthen economic partnerships between the United States and Africa, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announced today that 43 African women business leaders will travel to the United States September 19 through October 7 as part of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program.

The Victorian government is now establishing a Victoria-Jiangsu Chinese Language Scholarship Program. This program will involve up to 50 Victorian higher education students and young professionals a year, involving intensive Chinese-language study at a Jiangsu-based university.