Only three weeks after her arrival via Turkey under Canada’s Syrian refugee resettlement program, Alkak is already making new friends through the Cultural Exchange and Support Initiative of the U of T Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations department. Since the project’s inception in the spring, Syrian youth eager to learn English have joined U of T student volunteers keen on brushing up their Arabic every Saturday.

CPD convenes leaders from business, technology, and diplomacy to discuss future collaborations. 

Vice President Chen Chien-jen praised participants of the 2016 International Youth Ambassador Exchange Program Oct. 15 for their outstanding performance and contributions to Taiwan’s public diplomacy during an event at New Taipei City’s National Taiwan University of Arts. 

A group of powerful Chinese business leaders set off on an eight-day Canadian tour Sunday that will connect them with Canada’s corporate and political elite, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This will be the first visit to Canada by the exclusive China Entrepreneur Club — often referred to as the billionaires club. It’s made up of 50 top Chinese firms that earn a combined $585 billion of annual gross income.

According to Ma Weihua, CEC president, the main purpose of the group's international tours is to bolster public diplomacy of the Chinese private sector, demonstrate the integrity of Chinese entrepreneurs, learn from the most advanced business environments of the world and seek opportunities for cooperation.

Since his election in October 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been focusing on the re-branding of Canadian soft power and has concentrated on returning to the “international mediator” position it had held at the end of the 20th century. The strides he has made towards this has been reflected in his shuttle diplomacy with governments and organizations across the world.

In late September, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang paid an official visit to Canada, the first trip by a Chinese premier in a long lapse of 13 years. It was also a reunion for Mr. Li and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shortly after the latter’s visit to China. During Mr. Li’s visit, the two sides reached broad consensus on strengthening bilateral co-operation in politics, economy and trade, and people-to-people exchanges.

Canada will be responsible for designing and building a pavilion that will feature our country's rich talent and cultural diversity. The pavilion, which will occupy the Fair's main stage, will be filled with various Canadian cultural exhibitions; it will also offer programming such as author readings, dance, film and music that will promote Canadian artists and cultural entrepreneurs on the international scene.