Canada will be responsible for designing and building a pavilion that will feature our country's rich talent and cultural diversity. The pavilion, which will occupy the Fair's main stage, will be filled with various Canadian cultural exhibitions; it will also offer programming such as author readings, dance, film and music that will promote Canadian artists and cultural entrepreneurs on the international scene.

It is 20 years since Gareth Evans stepped down as Australia’s most influential foreign minister, and one of the world’s most popular diplomats. Serving between 1988 and 1996, he helped imprint good international citizenry as a feature of the liberal global order, and left it as a lasting legacy for what defines a better world. [...] Evans, now the chancellor of the Australia National University, has remained faithful to the cause of good international citizenry despite the much changed and challenging global environment.

A look back at a decade of Canadian Visiting Research Scholars in Public Diplomacy. 

When Canada’s First Lady Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau was photographed alongside The Duchess of Cambridge this weekend, her outfit helped to accomplish the next stage in her carefully orchestrated ‘project’ to promote under-the-radar Canadian designers. [...] This strategy of wearing exclusively Canadian brands is one that Gregoire-Trudeau and her old-friend-turned-style-advisor Jessica Mulroney have been working on ever since they inadvertently created a fashion moment with the cream wrap coat Trudeau wore to see her husband sworn in as Prime Minister last year. 

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Trudeau emphasizes that "Canada is back" on the global stage. But how true is it?

As India's economy has revived, its international trade and military posture around the world have grown. With the election of Narendra Modi, who has pursued an active foreign policy both within the South Asia region and around the world, India has emerged as an increasingly important player on the world stage. 

A new global “soft power” ranking recently reported that the democratic states of North America and Western Europe were the most successful at achieving their diplomatic objectives “through attraction and persuasion”. Countries such as the US, the UK, Germany and Canada, the report claimed, are able to promote their influence through language, education, culture and the media...

Justin Trudeau will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, delivering his maiden speech as Canadian prime minister at the high-level diplomatic forum that had an acrimonious relationship with this country's previous government.[...] "With Trudeau, they're trying to re-engage," [...] "They're saying Canada is back in the world."