As he nears the end of his presidency, Barack Obama continues to enjoy a broad degree of international popularity. A new Pew Research Center survey conducted in 10 European nations, four major Asia-Pacific countries, Canada and the United States finds that half or more of those polled in 15 of 16 countries express confidence in the American leader. 

More Canadian and Mexican students will soon be able to dust off their passports as travelling between the two nations on exchange is expected to become easier and lead to more work experience. That announcement, made jointly by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto on June 28, gives Alan Iniestra optimism for the future. “They showed that they are really engaged, to work between these countries,” said the Mexican university student. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been a boxer, a nightclub bouncer, a world leader - and now, a cartoon book character. Mr Trudeau appears on the cover of an issue of Marvel's "Civil War II: Choosing Sides", due to be released on 31 August. Clad in a Maple-leaf tank top, boxing gloves and shorts, he is surrounded by members of a Canadian superhero group. In the story, he appears to advise the superhero team.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vows to keep the promotion of LGBT rights abroad as a central plank of Canada’s foreign policy. [...] “It’s not just the head of government, it’s all of our representatives, challenging our representatives to look for ways not just to put pressure on the individual governments, but to be active on social media, to talk to civil society, to get out and engage with the communities in a way that is diplomatically respectful,” Trudeau says.

Norway was ranked fifth in the 2016 Country RepTrak rankings, trailing only Sweden, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Fellow Nordic nations Finland and Denmark were close behind, at sixth and eighth place respectively. [...] The report was compiled by the Reputation Institute, which claims to be the world’s "leading consulting and advisory firm for reputation". The institute promotes the Country RepTrak ranking as the world’s largest survey of country reputation.

A group of Chinese delegates are getting a taste of southern Alberta hospitality as they strengthen community ties with Lethbridge. The five-member delegation, accompanied by an interpreter and guide, arrived on Thursday from Anyang City, China, for a two-day visit to foster closer educational, cultural and economic relationships with the city. The delegates include high-ranking municipal and government officials as well as leaders of educational institutions.

The United States has overtaken Britain as the world’s leading “soft power”, according to a survey claiming that US President Barack Obama’s diplomatic moves in Iran, Cuba and Asia have helped to shift global opinion of the superpower. [...] The Soft Power 30 survey uses a range of polling and digital data to measure a country’s appeal on issues ranging from government, culture and cuisine to education, enterprise and the attractiveness of luxury brands.

Canada has renewed its commitment to support UN peacekeeping operations, but are its soldiers adequately positioned to achieve that goal?