But the East Asian giant is not at this point to be regarded as a true enemy in the traditional sense, nor is it the "partner" of the United States that its friends and apologists claim it to be, says Stefan Halper, director of the Atlantic studies program at England's Cambridge University.

April 3, 2010

Some of India’s best-known artistes will travel to China and France this month for the “Festival of India in China” and “Namaste France” events respectively, organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR).

On May 1, the modern-day equivalent, the World Expo, will open in Shanghai, China. Given China's rising international profile, the Shanghai Expo seems to be less about inventions and more about geopolitics.

This month, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy launched two new research projects relevant to public diplomacy efforts from and in China: the Shanghai Expo 2010 and Confucius Institutes.

"Be friendly. Don't cut in line. Keep to the right while driving and walking." As the one month countdown to the World Expo began Thursday, authorities are asking Shanghai residents to be on their best behavior.

Beijing roast duck, one of the most famous of Chinese dishes, will be on the menu at the Shanghai World Expo, managers of the Quanjude restaurant chain said yesterday.

China is confident of hosting a safe and successful World Expo, Shanghai's top leader has said in the aftermath of serial suicide bombings in Russia which have jolted the world.

With just a month to go until the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, preparations for the main pavilions are entering their final stages.