China believes that diplomacy and peaceful talks are the best and most effective way to solve the Iran nuclear issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Thursday.

March 25, 2010

APDS Blogger: Peter Winter

Is Google bold? It takes some serious courage to stand up to the gatekeepers of the world’s biggest market. By refusing to kowtow to the Chinese censors, the tech company that built its fortunes on the free flow of information stood up for its business model, not to mention the ideals of its home country.

24 meters in height, the 1200 square meter pavilion is built on a 2000 square meter site and its construction is nearing completion. the structure consists of two architectural curvilinear forms which hug each other like two hands or two shells, symbolizing a quiet conversation between man and earth, man and man, nation and nation.

Google versus China is a defining story of our time. Like lion confronting crocodile, the global soft power of the American internet company faces the territorial hard power of the Chinese state.

The apparently orchestrated attacks against the San Francisco internet giant came as the US warned that Beijing should "carefully consider" the implications of the world's most recognisable brand refusing to operate in China.

March 21, 2010

Ukraine's severe economic woes are one of the largest reasons why Kiev is so willing to court Beijing as a strategic partner. Many analysts thought that Russia would be Ukraine’s main source of bailout funds...

World fairs are a good laboratory for experimenting with architecture and the upcoming expo in China is no exception. Thanks to computer-aided design, pavilions that resemble giant dandelions and baskets are fabulous buildings that 'look like they can't be built.'

For millions of Chinese, the U.S. pavilion’s show at the Shanghai World Expo will be the closest they’ll ever come to an experience of America. What they’ll get — apart from long waits — is a warm welcome, a dose of Hollywood-style entertainment and, in May, an impression of San Antonio.