The closure of will damage China, from discrediting its soft power campaign to rattling foreign businesses to upsetting a key constituency of educated and white-collar Chinese. Google is naive if they think they can close or force the closure of and still retain any sort of a positive relationship with the Chinese government.

The Indian government has taken a leaf out of Chinese diplomacy — the great dragon has been teaching Chinese language in India for years — and has launched the first course of Hindi-to-Chinese at the Indian embassy's cultural centre in Beijing.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy use the construct of “brand experience” to explore and examine how countries pursue nation branding at Expo Shanghai and how Chinese visitors experience the branded country pavilions.

In an exclusive interview with China Daily in the Great Hall of the People, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the National Committee of CPPCC, said governmental diplomacy and public diplomacy are mutually complementary.

The United States is studying whether it can legally challenge Chinese Internet restrictions that hurt Google and other U.S. companies operating in China, but direct talks with Beijing might yield faster results, the top U.S. trade official said on Tuesday.

From London to Beijing in two days flat: That's China's ambitious high-speed railway plan to connect Asia with Europe.

Last weekend, as China's legislature the National People's Congress met in Beijing, newspapers and web portals, official as well as semi-official ones, aggressively focused on growing disparities between the rural and the urban population and the resentment brewing among the villagers.

This is an oldie – an “old” 2008 article first published on Singapore’s The Business Times. It was written by Joseph Baladi, CEO at BrandAsian, shortly after the staging of the Olympics in Beijing, China. Even if somewhat old, some of the points being made in this article around Brand China specifically are still worth