city branding

The extension, previously most commonly associated with the Southeast Asian country Laos, is meant to "appeal to local business owners — those in Los Angeles and possibly also Louisiana — who haven't been able to secure the name of their businesses using .com, .net or .org extensions," according to Mashable.

More specifically, it is a glimpse at how urban centers led by Lagos, Africa's biggest city, are positioning themselves to accomplish what any number of rebel groups and secessionists movements have failed to achieve since the continent's independence era commenced in the late 1950s: redraw a remarkably static political map of Africa, imposed by European imperialists over a century ago.

"Moscow is open for business," declares Andrei Sharonov, Moscow’s deputy mayor for economic policy, "but we still have challenges to overcome in increasing the city’s attraction to both domestic and international investors." This realistic assessment of Moscow’s current position is typical of the man who was appointed by the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, in late 2010 to make Moscow a global business–friendly center capable of attracting investment.

In Atlanta, you already have natural connections with your major trading partners: Canada, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom and China,” he said during his presentation in the Tom Murphy Ballroom at the Georgia World Conference Center. But you also have connections with other metros, such as Seoul (Korea), London, Toronto, Cancun (Mexico) and Montego Bay, Jamaica, through business and tourism travel. Going forward this region must strengthen these connections and forge new connections in order to thrive in the global economy.

Manila has the "worst" brand value among 16 Asia-Pacific cities, according to the Location Branding 2012 report published by Public Affairs Asia and Ogilvy Public Relations. The survey showed that a location's brand is a significant factor in attracting foreign investments and tourists.

China's top economic planning body set new targets on Monday in its effort turn the city of Shanghai into a global financial hub, including a more than doubling of trading volume in financial markets and a greater openness to derivatives such as foreign-exchange products.

January 23, 2012

An asymmetric world is rising in which leaderless protesters can oust their national leader; and where one of the smallest countries in the Middle East, Qatar, can become a key player by virtue of its soft power. To address the challenges, we need to consider: the power of the people, the power of cities, and the power of countries that are regional or sub-regional locomotives of social and economic progress.