city branding

Shanghai is sparing no effort to develop itself as a center for international finance, economic activity, trade and logistics in China. According to the latest report, The International Image of Shanghai, among its four goals, the position of Shanghai as an international financial center was best known by foreigners.

In the face of tough global economic conditions, Johannesburg Convention & Events Bureau - a division of the JTC - remains focused on aggressively promoting the city as a leading global destination for business, sports and events tourism, as it is a key driver for economic growth and development.

Before the world commemorates the centennial of the Titanic's sinking next year, Belfast has decided to celebrate the ship's launch, to remind people of its ship-building legacy. The residual sense of shame about the disaster is fading, replaced with a pride in the city's maritime history.

With a ban on individual Chinese tourists soon to be lifted, the Taipei City Government yesterday issued travel brochures to attract that growing segment of the industry. The brochures…include introductions to the city’s major attractions, maps and coupons for 32 stores and restaurants.

The basis for a majority of city websites is to disburse information to citizens in a timely matter. Though information distribution is the foundation behind implementing a city website, the design can in some cases, have as much impact as the information itself.

This project drew on the ‘cosmopolitan turn’ in social thought to reconsider city diplomacy in spatial terms, including urban planning, architecture and network theory.

There has been a lot of debate about the City Gate project by architect Renzo Piano. Will it disturb the historic majesty of Valletta or will it, like the futuristic pyramid of I.M. Pei at the Louvre in Paris, become an iconic monument for the city − a 21st century brand beacon?