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Over the last year, emoji developers and public figures have argued that the universal emoji keyboard makes it difficult, if not impossible, for women to represent themselves beyond a bride or princess. Recent successful proposals will rectify that problem by offering dozens of new female characters who do things like work in tech, ride a bike, lift weights and weld.  

Founded in July 2014, VizEat has built a platform — or marketplace — that connects those seeking an authentic local dining experience with hosts who are willing to cook for and invite strangers into their homes. In a sense it’s similar to the early days of Airbnb in that the social aspect is part of the draw. A cultural exchange, if you will.

A tech-savvy public demands more transparency from government, and that foreign ministries can do a lot more to open up. Behind-the-scenes negotiations will always remain a vital part of the job - Fletcher mentions the recent Iran nuclear deal and the BelfastAgreement as examples - “but we do need to explain to people that that’s what we’re there for, and that it’s going on.”

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A new start-up turns refugees into global Arabic tutors.

the 27-year-old decided to come up with a better solution: learning language through talking. He launched Poliglota, a platform that organizes conversation groups for people seeking to learn a new language. The groups gather in public spaces such as parks, coffee shops and bars to converse. Anyone can join or host a group for free.

A strong, connected, and open Argentina is in our interest. The people of Argentina have the talent, resources, and ability to compete in and contribute to the economic and digital development of the region and the world. The United States wants to help them unleash that potential, which is why we have designated Argentina as a focus country under the Global Connect Initiative, a program to help connect the unconnected. 

Expanding its digital presence, the External Affairs Ministry launched an app, bringing websites and various social media handles of over 170 Indian missions on a common platform to further its public outreach. The app, developed in cooperation with social media giant Facebook, will help people connect with Indian missions abroad...