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This Week in PD, we share news on international exchange, cultural diplomacy, people-to-people diplomacy and more.

Exploring digital diplomacy: how emotions influence foreign policy and U.S.-Iran relations, and more.

This Week in PD, we share international news on global development, exchange diplomacy, sports diplomacy and more.

Episode 5 of this podcast series hosted by 2016-18 CPD Student Fellow Madison Jones features an interview with Executive Director of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, Dr. Shawn Powers.

Ilan Manor details the start-and-stop nature of governments' digital diplomacy efforts.

This Week in PD, we share international news on cultural diplomacy, soft power, citizen diplomacy and more.

This Week in PD, we share international news on soft power, youth diplomacy, international broadcasting and more.

Either Facebook starts sharing more information about how its algorithms work, or social media platforms will be reduced to battlefields for 21st century warfare.