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U.S. Foreign Service Officer Cameron Thomas-Shah reflects on Juneteenth 2021.

Olga Krasnyak looks at Nixon's presidency through the lens of space cooperation with the USSR.

The UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) demonstrates the importance of art as a form of cultural diplomacy and diplomatic history.

Olga Krasnyak looks at how the actions of diplomats can impact national image.

The image of the Russian diplomats and its reflection on social media allows us to see the wide critique towards the diplomats from the general public. It is an interesting issue to discuss: why do the Russians actually care about the image of their diplomats? The perceptions about diplomatic culture and stereotypes about diplomacy in general have deep roots.

July 27, 2017

It was the Spring and Autumn period’s diplomatic practice called “fushi yanzhi,” by which one used or quoted poems to express one's intention. Feudal lords of the period even hired officials whose job was to collect poetry to be used for diplomacy.

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