The year 2015 marks Ethiopia’s diplomatic success in the battle for hearts and minds. Public diplomacy has radiated the concept, agenda and vision of the Ethiopian Renaissance within the rubric of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance. This is a fact to the point where Addis Abeba wants other countries to discern its desire for the realization of a co-prosperity agenda and restitution of a revitalized historical greatness.

The duck suits and One Direction's online call "to put pressure on our leaders" are both part of a global effort to send a message to the Financing for Development summit that starts on Monday in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Hailemariam met on Wednesday (June 3) with the members of the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation which recently visited the Republic of Sudan and heard the report of their visit. The delegation, which included academics, religious leaders, business people, artists and farmers, well-known personalities and government officials, was headed by the Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives, Abadulla Gemeda. 

The peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan are linked for centuries by historical, cultural, economical, social, and political ties. The two nations remained in communication even at critical political circumstances that were occurring between the countries.

The Sudanese Council for International People's Friendship (CIPF), Monday evening organised a celebration at the Oil Club to honour the visit of the Ethiopian public diplomacy delegation. The delegation is currently in the country led by the speaker of the Ethiopian parliament, Abadula Gemeda.The chairman of the agriculture committee of the national assembly, Habeb Makhatoum, the representative of the assembly's speaker, Dr. Al-Fatih Izz Eddin Mannsour, asserted during his address to the celebration the eternal and historical relations between the two countries.

An Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation is paying a one week-long visit to the neighbouring Sudan in order to bolster and further expand existing relations between the two countries.The delegation headed by the Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representative of the Ethiopian Parliament, Abadulla Gemeda, is holding discussions with senior government officials, business community, religious leaders and other members of the civil society in Sudan.

The Public Diplomacy Delegation's visit is to support and expand the excellent and longstanding government-to-government relations and build and strengthening people-to-people links between two countries. The Delegation includes religious leaders, officials, academics, business people, artists, well known personalities, and farmers.

The Sudanese Acrobatic Troupe was formed at a time when there was a growing concern with the role to be played by the arts in promotion of the cultural and social development.