Far Out, by Flare

The historic Paris Agreement is being undercut by the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

NATO Summit Protest

Once bombed by NATO forces, now Montenegro is in talks to become the newest member.

The establishment of a diplomatic mission in Seoul has opened a new chapter in bilateral relations with Korea, says the first resident Latvian ambassador to Korea. "We share similar values and attitudes about working hard and reaching out and so it is quite natural for Latvia to be taking steps to actively promote closer relations with strong, like-minded partners such as Korea," Peteris Vaivars said.

February 7, 2016

German policymakers continue to believe that political and economic means of influence are more effective than violence, implying further development of soft-power tools, including digital diplomacy. They are also eager to develop more “networked” national and European foreign policies that take into account the activities and possible contributions of non-state actors.

February 7, 2016

Europe and Iran have common interests in several areas. In light of their historical and traditional bilateral relations as well as other positive sources, such as the existence of complementary economies, mutually-beneficial cooperation in the fields of energy and technology [...] through both collective and bilateral mechanisms, it is possible to actively pursue the struggle against the important threats such as terrorism, violence, extremism, drug trafficking.

German Fans

Some thoughts on country rankings.

In the UN Palace of Nations, ‘The International Law of Youth Rights’ was launched. It contains both source document and commentary on the historical trends to elaborate and codify international instruments and standards in this field, as well as action taken by governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations to promote and protect youth rights. 

How can the EU and China forge closer ties and respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead? One way is best captured by the concept of network diplomacy. In other words, managing EU-China relations is about widening and broadening the policy agenda, integrating a wider array of actors, and developing more channels of communication.