It’s become increasingly clear there is an awful reality dawning on European Union officials. Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s Libyan regime, which everyone assumed a week ago would be swept away in an irresistible tide of North African democratic enthusiasm, is not just hanging onto power: it’s fighting back.

A NATO representative called on Tuesday for women to be allowed greater representation in international negotiations and conflict resolution. "Women still remain underrepresented at all political levels," Assistant Deputy Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Dr. Stephanie Babst said at a video news conference.

More Oklahoma college students are choosing to take internships in other countries. International internships can give students a global perspective and an edge in competitive job markets, school officials said.

March 7, 2011

In an East-greets-West gesture of cultural diplomacy,19 EU member countries have submitted a film each for this touring festival, which will visit other seven Indian cities from March to May this year.

France’s ambassador to Israel presented data yesterday showing a 45 percent drop in anti-Semitic incidents in his country during 2010. Cristophe Bigot attributed the year-over-year drop to a sharp rise in 2009 in the wake of Operation Cast Lead.

Speaking after 6th meeting of the Turkey-USA Economic Partnership Commission held in Washington D.C., Foreign Ministry deputy undersecretary Selim Yenel, responsible for bilateral relations and public diplomacy, said, "we discussed technical assistance of the United States to make Istanbul a center of finance on the global scale...

How should Europe present itself in this age of smart power and public diplomacy? I suggest three images that Europe could strive to promote to foreign audiences, especially the US.

Journalists in Turkey marched in protest on Friday after police arrested 10 reporters and writers, detentions that prompted the European Commission to warn the EU candidate country over its democratic credentials.